Prailiu Weaver’s Collective

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Sumba Warp Ikat Cloth has been made by our ancestors in Sumba, Indonesia for hundreds of years and is important for ceremonial dress . The 16-step process to make Sumba Ikat cloth takes 6 months and the modern economy means we need faster pay-off times to meet the needs of our families, to meet those needs we have been working for poor wages for produce imitation cloth using chemical dyes, which is then sold as original by unscrupulous businesses.

Prailiu Weavers’ Collective is owned by the weavers, using a social enterprise model to empower the weavers to work for fair wages to create exquisite cloth made with natural indigo blue and rust red dyes, which will be sold at fair prices in the village. Each piece of cloth produced by the Weaver’s Collective will come with a certificate of authenticity which tell the story of the cloth and the people that worked on it.