Prailiu Royal Village is the cultural heart of Waingapu, East Sumba. Prailiu is well known for huge megalithic burial stones, beautiful Sumba Warp Ikat cloth, traditional Sumba adat houses, cultural ceremonies and friendly people. ┬áPrailiu is home to Prailiu Weaver’s Collective, Praikamarru Guest House, Prailiu Bamboo Preservation and Construction and Prailiu Adventure Tours.

Prailiu Weaver’s Collective empowers the weavers of Prailiu to create hand-crafted Sumba Warp Ikat cloth using the methods handed down from our ancestors and natural organic dyes for a fair price. Prailiu is a great place to see the weaver’s in action and learn about the complex and time consuming process of creating Sumba Warp Ikat cloth.

Praikamarru Guest House is the perfect place to relax and enjoy life at village pace. Two private bungalows in the shape of Sumba adat houses with inside bathrooms and spacious balconies overlooking the Horse Racing Field are located just up the road from the busy village centre. Uma Payeti accommodates up to four people while Uma Lamuru is perfect for a romatic escape with a king-size bed in a canopy.

Prailiu Bamboo Preservation and Construction is a social enterprise project to build beautiful, functional buildings from sustainable natural materials. Currently we are constructing our first Sumba Adat house in Prailiu village, drop by for a look! Bamboo is an under-utilized sustainable building material. This enterprise provides a new income source for local farmers, work opportunities for young people in our village and an alternative to building in concrete or timber currently being harvested at unsustainable rates.

Prailiu Adventure Tours leads camping, cycling, kayaking, or caving tours in East Sumba. A day, a week or a month, we will create an unforgettable experience tailored to your group with local, English speaking guides. We can also arrange car and motorbike hire.